About this blog

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Originally from the Northwest United States, now living in Europe.

Why? Why not.

I have always been an independent, self-starter, but as I settled into my thirties and beyond, I realized that I have become far too comfortable, which has caused me to neglect aspects of my life that need equal attention as the rest!

I am married with a child, living outside of my home country, working as a freelance teacher and writer. None of these things are special or unique really, and that helped inspire the creation of this blog. By being so generally standard, I know that I am not alone, so why not share this adventure?

The best time to consider modifying my life is now. My work schedule is pretty flexible, our son has a fairly simple schedule due to his age, and my husband is very encouraging and supportive of my endeavours.

Every month I will attempt to tackle or address one aspect of my life that also happens to be traditional popular resolution while documenting the ups and downs, successes and failures for that theme.

I plan on posting my reflections weekly about whatever the theme is for that period.

I may fail, I may succeed.
Life isn’t always about the destination, right – it is about the journey.
So, let’s take this journey together.

What do I do?


write, read, edit, teach, learn, mother, and partner.

Who am I?

I am…

a female person, public introvert and private extrovert, mother, Obliger, ENFJ-T (Protagonist), Enneagram type 1, in House Hufflepuff, and acts of service are my love language.